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As a foreigner, one of the best things you can do while living in the UK is to set up a business. Once the company is up and running, it is only natural for any successful entrepreneur to want to continue running their business for as long as they can. This is why it is important to know and understand everything about the tier 1 visa extension available in the UK.

A tier 1 visa makes it possible for an entrepreneur to remain in the United Kingdom for up to 24 months with a possibility of permanently settling in the UK after this period lapses. You are required to apply for the tier 1 extension visa at least two months before the expiration of the current visa. The processing of the tier one visa takes up to 8 weeks. It may take longer if there is further information required by the Home Office for the process.

For you to qualify for the tier one visa extension, you will need:

  • To show that you are indeed the registered director of your business or to prove that you are self-employed
  • To have registered your business within the first six months of the current tier 1 visa
  • To have created jobs sustainably for at least one year
  • To have invested at least £50,000 into the business

You will be required to include any dependents in your application form, even those that are over 18 years. You are advised to seek help from an immigration expert when applying for a tier 1 visa extension as the process can be rigorous and a bit complicated. You also need to ensure that you meet the financial needs of the application process.

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Expectations when applying for a tier 1 extension visa

Once you decide to apply for a tier 1 visa extension, a caseworker is assigned to your case. Their work will be to ensure that the process is smooth for you and that you present a strong case to improve your chances of having the visa granted.

The visa application documentation includes a letter of representation that highlights the advantages of your application case as per the UK immigration laws. It is the work of your caseworker to ensure that your application has all the requirements to improve the chances of approval.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tier 1 visa extension eligibility requirements?

For you to be an eligible candidate for the tier 1 visa requirements, you need to be running a successful business in the UK as per the business laws. You will be required to prove that:

  • You have been the director of the company for more than six months of the current tier 1 visa
  • You have been self-employed for more than six months
  • The business is beneficial to the UK economy
  • You have invested more than fifty thousand pounds into your business
  • The business you run is the same as the one you outlined when applying for the entrepreneur visa
  • You continue to meet the regulations for using a tier 1 visa under the five-tier point based system
  • Your current business can comfortably pay two full-time employees

You are also required to ascertain that you have every intention of continuing to run the business once your visa is extended. Please note that the tier 1 visa extension requirements can change depending on your location at the time of application.

You can apply for the visa by post while in the United Kingdom or online if you are out of the UK at the time of applying.

How can I ensure I meet the English eligibility requirements?

One of the requirements of the tier 1 visa extension is to prove that you can communicate in English. It is possible to show that you can communicate in English through:

  • Taking and passing an English language test with a CEFR level B1 in writing, reading listening and speaking
  • Presenting proof that you attained an academic qualification by taking a course taught in English. It should be recognized under UK NARIC as equivalent to a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. program in the UK.

There are other ways to meet the English language requirements. You can speak to your caseworker for more details.

What can I expect in case my circumstances change?

Several factors can affect a tier 1 entrepreneur visa extension. In case your circumstances change while applying for an extension, you may need to take a second interview. Alternatively, the Home Office may require you to submit more documentation during your application process.

The most crucial factor to remember is that you need to apply for an extension before the current entrepreneur visa expires. Should your extension request take longer to process and your current visa expires, you will become an over-stay. This makes you a candidate for penalties and possible removal from the UK.

How can we help?

When you come to us for a tier 1 visa extension, the most important aspect is timing. It is essential to ensure you apply and get your extension before the expiration of your current visa. You can count on us for specialist advice and assistance throughout the application process.

We have a team of lawyers who will:

  • Meet or contact you as soon as you first contact us
  • Walk you through the requirements and the next step to take
  • Look into your eligibility for an entrepreneur visa extension
  • Make sure that all your business documentation is updated
  • Ensure that your business has made enough to be eligible
  • Liaise with your online or in-person
  • Write a letter of representation that is needed in your application. This outlines your case and the advantages of your business
  • Follow up with the Home Office until your case is determined

You can reach us today for inquiries or expert advice from our team of experienced immigration lawyers.

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